About us

About Us

ECM INTERNATIONAL MOVERS Our company, which has been serving for household goods and passenger cars for many years, has become a very indisputable company in terms of carrying international goods from home to home with a wide range of services without sacrificing from quality. We deliver all the household goods from the beginning to the end on time without any compromise from our understanding of quality service we offer to our customers…


ECM INTERNATIONAL MOVERS values its customers. Respects, takes the responsibility of all services it provides until the end of the work, has a positive communication with the customers, compensates for the mistakes it has made without making the customer aware, only promises for the works it can professionally do, prioritizes the customer’s happiness, never sacrifices from the quality under any conditions, provides the fastest and highest quality services to the customers in terms of household goods and passenger cars.


Our firm is attentive to have successful, hardworking, honest, moral and creative employees.

Our employees fulfill the legal, administrative and financial obligations required by the Laws. Our employees have adopted the principle of providing service at high quality.

Müşteri Yorumları

“İşim sebebiyle 2-3 yılda bir seyahat etmem gerekiyor. Yaklaşık 10 senedir ECM Moving ile çalışıyorum ve çok mutluyum. Bugüne kadar hiçbir eşyamda zarar meydana gelmedi ve zamanında elime ulaştı. Tüm ekibe teşekkür ederim.”

Ümit Akkoç
Ümit Akkoç

“The expectations were high, but nonetheless you exceeded them. Thanks for the fast and quality service. I appreciate the efficient team that works with the customers.”

Nick MartinezUSA
Nick Martinez

“I am totally satisfied with the overall experience and the solution that your customer support team provided. You obviously know what you do and do it great. Thanks”

Clara JamesonEngland
Clara Jameson
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