Import and Export of Used Automobiles With Foreign Plates

Import and Export of Used Automobiles With Foreign Plates


CAR IMPORT (Services At The Arrival to the Country)

Foreigners coming to Turkey to work, the officials working at the Consulates,

Diplomats, the foreign specialists working at international organizations, foreign teachers, students.

As ECM INTERNATIONAL MOVERS, our firm provides door to door services

for the vehicles with foreing plates you bring via sea route or highway.

Some of the services we prove for your vehicles,

  • We follow the processes at Turing automobile club by procuration.
  • We made customs entry of your vehicles with the card we take from Turing automobile club
  • Moreover, our firm follows and terminate your vehicle’s examination, license, insurance and plate processes.

The import of the vehicles with consulate and diplomatic plates is followed by our expert team and terminated.

AUTOMOBILE EXPORT,(Processes while going out of the country)

Our company makes the transportation of the vehicles of the foreign staff and the consulate workers whose duties in Turkey have been terminated to the desired countries.

  • The discharge and record termination process for the vehicles with diplomatic plates.
  • Clearance outwards and traffic record termination of the vehicles with guest plates
  • Receiving the deposit from Turing automobile club back

The transfer to the desired country with a container via sea route or with a rig via highway.

The customs entry in the destination country and delivery to the desired address.

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