International Home Transport

International Home Transport

International Home Transport

As ECM INTERNATIONAL MOVERS, we are aware that you have not moved from point A to point B with the expertise of providing the services you need for your international transports with the positive and high quality service provided by the founders for many years and the expert staff providing door-to-door transport services for your international household goods and passenger cars. If you are moving abroad, we know that you have to adapt to the new traditions, foreign cultures and possibly new foreign languages, and how moving is stressful and difficult for you. Our company offers services such as customs clearance without any problems by removing the anxieties and worries about all your transportation process.


Our company provides free expertise services for the sea route transportation of used household goods and vehicles. After calculating the volume of your goods, we provide services from door to door to the country you are going or from the door to the port in the country where you will be arriving.

During the transportation, after the detection of 20 or 40 container is made depending on the volume of your goods, the containers are loaded to our vehicles to be sent to your address. Our packaging experts dissemble your goods and all of your goods are packaged. Your books and small goods are put into parcels.

After that, all of your goods and your car are loaded to the appropriate container.

Clearance outwards processes in TURKEY are completed.

Your leaving goods and car arrive at the destination country and after the completion of your car’s customs entry,

they are delivered to your address. Our firm provides services such as taking the packages from home, cleaning and installing the furniture.

Container sizes,

1×20 Containers – Total goods capacity 33 m3
1×40 Containers – Total goods capacity 66 m3

With its broad vehicle fleet, our firm provides door to door services for the transportation of your goods from Turkey to Europe and vice versa.

We transport your goods from door to door in Turkey.

Your goods packaged by our packaging experts at your address

are loaded to our rig located in front of your house or if it is not possible, they are transported to the rig via small transfer vehicles. After clearance outwards processes are completed, it departs to the target country.

In the country of destination, after the highway customs entry processes are completed, the rig or the truck arrives at your address. Your goods are carried to your house and they are installed by our firm.

Your furniture or other equipment to be installed is established by our expert staff.

After the moving is completed, the opened parcels and the packaging materials coming out at home are taken back by our company.


OUR FIRM After all your personal belongings are packaged and locked at your address, the tools used for small airline items are loaded by our staff.

After customs clearance is made, your goods will be delivered to your country of destination.

We also carry out customs clearance and delivery to your address of your personal goods from abroad.


As ECM INTERNATIONAL MOVERS, we provide all arrival services of the clearance process of your goods and vehicles coming to Turkey via highway, sea route or air route

loading of them from the customs and their delivery to your home

unpackaging your goods, installing of your furniture and other items to be installed, installing the luster and putting up the curtains and taking all the empty parcels. If the delivery address is not determined for your goods coming to Turkey after the clearance process, we transport them to our storage in Istanbul and deliver them at the date you request.

We provide storage services for your goods coming from abroad.

In addition, customs entry procedures, Turing automobile club operations, vehicle inspection, TSE certificate and traffic license plate transactions for your foreign plated vehicles that you bring to our country are carried out by our experts and they are delivered in a short time.

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