Tax Free Automobile Sale From Foreigner To Foreigner

Tax Free Automobile Sale From Foreigner To Foreigner



Temporary resident foreigners who have come to Turkey to work or study

The retirees from a foreign country under Article 28 of the Turkish citizenship law with no. 5901

can sell the vehicles they import with the temporary use entry document, foreign vehicles temporary entry card and foreign vehicles temporary entry form to another person who has the same right of use in our country.

The vehicle sale can be made in two different ways. The persons who are obliged to deposit to the Turing automobile club according to the model year and engine volume of the vehicles and the persons who do not have to deposit tare given certificates of commitment and guarantee from the institutions they are affiliated with.

Persons who have to deposit to Turing automobile organization,

  • Students
  • Foreign teachers
  • Athletes being a member of an federation
  • Foreign workers working at companies in Turkey with a work permit and a residence permit
  • The persons under the Article 28 of Turkish citizenship law no. 5901 (persons with Blue cards)
  • Retirees from a foreign country.

Persons mentioned above have to pay a deposit.

After the sale process is completed,

MA-MZ series plates are given by the Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Security.

Persons that do not have to pay a deposit,

  • Persons who work in embassy consulates and international organizations in Turkey and do not have any diplomatic status
  • Foreign staff working at Nato
  • Foreign experts coming according to the technical cooperation and similar agreements
  • Foreign press organizations and members
  • Foreigners residing abroad to export to abroad
  • Diplomats with 1 ID card CC, CD GREEN PLATE (Married diplomats can buy two vehicles)
  • Administrative and technical staff with 2 ID cards CM PLATE

Diplomatic plates are green and CD, CC, CM PLATES are put up by the general directorate of security.

To other persons, MA-MZ series plates are given by the Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Security.

As ECM INTERNATIONAL MOVERS, our firm will terminate all sales transactions by publishing free of charge on our web site for buying and selling your vehicle at the right market value and international real price in terms of expertise of the vehicle you want to sell with our expert vehicle sales team.

We do all the transactions on behalf of the buyer and the seller in the sales transactions and if the guarantee is deposited for the seller, we close the records and we will receive and return the guarantee.

Our company provides the guest vehicle MA-MZ Plate transactions for the sold vehicles, and offers Door-to-door key delivery service.

If you cannot find the brand and model vehicle you want in Turkey, we will bring your order via our company in Germany, complete the customs entrance and guest vehicle MA-MZ or Diplomatic plate CC, CD, CM transactions and deliver it to your door.

Contact with us for the sale of your vehicle in the fastest way with our expert staff.

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